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Use this app to practice the music scales by ear.
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This game puts the primary focus on listening. The visual presentation is simple, the animations are limited to those necessary to support the flow of the game so that they do not cause unnecessary distraction.

By ear, a scale can be built up and listened to. Only when this is successful will the note names appear on the screen.
Music Scales start screen
The game starts with 8 birds sitting on a branch, each with its own unique tone. Tap on their tail to sound this tone.

Slide all birds to the right place in the tree, build the scale from the bottom to the top of the tree, and check the result with the Play all button !

Once all the birds have been placed in the tree, the Play all button gives feedback after playing: is this the correct scale or should you listen carefully once more ?
Music Scales Clue usage
Use the Clue button when you are stuck.

Depending on the game status, it can do the next move to the tree (as shown here), move birds back to the branch or press one of the Play all or New game buttons.
Music Scales Result
When the Play all button concluded correct, all birds fly into the cloud and all note names are shown. You can play the entire scale again, or the individual notes.

Press New game for a new game with the same scale, or use the green buttons to choose another scale and/or scalekey.
Music Scales Scales
With the upper green button you can choose between different scales.
Music Scales Scalekeys
With the lower green button you can choose between different scalekeys.
Music Scales Settings
With the settings button you can choose between notations for note names.
Music Scales Counter hide Music Scales Counter show
The counter button will show or hide elapsed time and usage of the Clue button for this game.
Counting takes place regardless the button, it is just showing or not.
There are no points to earn in this app, the counter button gives a view on your progression and that's it. We've tried to avoid any competition.

This app supports Dutch and English and follows the setting of the device. If the device is not set to Dutch, the app works in English.

About privacy and security

We do not collect any data with this app.
There are no ads in this app and no in-app purchases.
There is no chat functionality in this app.
The app does not have access to the device's camera or microphone.
The app functions without any restrictions even when no network connection is available.

About property

All sounds used in this app were recorded live for this purpose. Contributions are from:
Flute, piccolo, keyboard: Nicole Schmaloer, Deventer Fluitschool
Trumpet: Arjan Stam, Arjan Stam Muziek


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