Welcome at Dobazzo !

This is Paul's website. Paul is developer in Deventer, The Netherlands.
On this website you will find app specifications from the apps we are building over here.
The name Dobazzo has no specific meaning (as far as we know) and is chosen solely for its sound.



Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to our apps and website, more specific to app 'Music Scales' (in Dutch called 'Toonladders') and website dobazzo.com .

We do not collect any data, therefore no personal data as well.

Our apps do not transmit any data to us or to third parties.

This website does not collect any data nor places it cookies, files or other objects.

When our apps or our website link to other websites except dobazzo.com, this Privacy Policy is not applicable to those websites. In this case please refer to the Privacy Policy on the respective websites.

All updates on this Privacy Policy will be placed on this web page.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 15 november 2023.

For all questions about this Privacy Policy please contact us at info@dobazzo.com